Education & Physical Welfare

Need to grow , Sow the Knowledge

To establish, undertake, organize, maintain, run and support education centres, schools, colleges, teacher training centres& Technical Institutions.

To study the educational problems and to find out ways and means for their removal and reforms.

To improve quality of education by preparation and usage of innovative learning material and adopting scientific teaching, techniques and technologies.

To draw plans for production based system activities to be undertaken by farmers/ultimate users.

To provide scholarships, awards, medals, prizes, stipends, aids and encouragement to the deserving and talented students in particular and public in general.

To facilitate the empowerment of farmers/producers through assistance for mobilization, organization into associations, cooperatives etc. for their increased participation in planning, marketing, technology dissemination and agro-processing etc.

To arrange and provide for cultural as well as vocational education and means of moral physical intellectual and spiritual advancement in accordance with the ideals to the society as a whole.

To promote education, including special education and employment enhancing vocation skills especially among children, women, elderly and the differentially able and livelihood enhancement projects and promote literacy to illiterates.

To establish, organize, maintain, run and support libraries, hostels, reading rooms, common rooms, sewing & embroidery training centres, Nursing training canter, musical dancing and recreational classes & centres, computer centre for general use of members, teachers, students, staff, their families and for the general public.

To organize and support vocational courses, conferences, classes, publication of magazines and other bulletin, music competitions, variety shows, fancy dress shows, social gatherings, kavi sammelans, mushairas and art exhibitions and museums.

To initiate scholarships/awards for meritorious and needy village students to pursue their education, sports and other relevant programs.

To established sports academy, Parks, Yoga center, stadium etc. for the benefit of society & under privilege children.

To undertake all necessary activities for physical advancement of the people of India and Abroad.