Finance & Economic Welfare

Support your dreams to the stage of reality

To promote establishment of self-help groups of farmers and rural area people for generating employment opportunities for them by implementing projects, schemes and disseminating latest available knowledge in the field.

To establish banks, financial institutions, thrifts societies and self-help group for their economical upliftment.

To support, finance, assist and conduct research in Organic farming.

To set up, establish, maintain, run and support small scale Industries in Rural areas. To provide infrastructure for trade and marketing of organic products.

To conduct research in Herbs and generate employment to the youths of rural areas in the field of Herbal marketing.

To seek alternative and country made system for the economic welfare of society.

To provide infrastructure for generating employment in animal husbandry.

To inter act with all financial institutions and industries for achieving the above aims and objects.

To do all acts, deeds and things which are necessary and incidental to above aims and objects which have not been specifically mentioned.