Need to grow , Sow the Knowledge

To developing programsmodels for education, rural and urban infrastructure, employment & social security, agro-industries, village entrepreneurship etc

To establish promote, set up, run maintain, assist, finance, support and help in setting up andor maintaining Schools, Educational Institutes, hospitals, health care centres, and implement Village and urban

To do any of the above object or such other act or acts as are necessary or proper for or incidental to the attainment of all or any of the above objects by itself or with the helpguidance of the any government or non-government agency or agencies anywhere in India and abroad.

To erect, maintain, improve, alter or repair any property purchased by the trust or taken on hire by the trust or otherwise acquired by the Trust in such manner as the society may deem fit.

To assist, or to aid to or to become a member of, or to take over any other public body or institutions or not having all or in part objects similar to that of the trust.